amy's yard

Handle’s consultants will be working with The Amy Winehouse Foundation to deliver ‘Employability Workshop Masterclasses’.  

We have over thirty five years of experience working with young people searching for a huge variety of jobs within the music industry. During the session we will share our knowledge and teach the participants some of the skills they'll need when seeking employment both within music and beyond.

Delegates can expect to gain:

1  A great CV

2  Confident interview skills

3  Resilience techniques

4  Tailored 1-on-1 mentoring

Young people should never be held back by their background, but we know that it happens all the time. Amy's Yard provides talented youths who need help with accessing the industry, even providing studio time in Amy's own studio. Performance is only one aspect of the course; The Foundation is a Registered AQA Centre, which provides all participants with Music Business, Artist Development and Transferable Skills qualifications.