The candidate experience


I was recommended to Handle through an ex-work colleague who is an internal recruiter in London. He suggested I register with Handle as they are the go-to for HR Recruitment within the Media, Music and Entertainment industry. I first met with Francesca and then Emma as my key contact. From the get go I found them both to be professional, great communicators and genuinely interested in what I was looking for as a candidate. Emma talked through potential roles with me and showed a great detail of candidate care, always getting back to me as soon as information came to hand. All this has landed me my first role in the UK after coming over from Australia as an HR Manager with an iconic brand, in a great team.


I heard about Handle through a colleague when I was working at the BBC. They had been placed by Handle in to their previous role and had a really positive experience. I quickly noticed Handle's client portfolio is impressive. They worked with exactly the kinds of companies I wanted to work for.  

They were professional yet more personable than other agencies I'd registered with. They seemed genuinely interested in finding out about me, rather than just trying to fit me to a role they were trying to fill. I enjoyed that they made me feel important; they listened to my requirements and really tried to match my skills and wants to opportunities they had.  

Handle have helped me to see how many great roles are out there in companies that are notoriously hard to get into. During the initial consultation process, the questions they asked really made me think more about what I was good at and what I wanted. I thought I knew but I actually hadn't really thought past, 'get me out of this, I want a new job! 

Since reconnecting after going freelance, they have again opened up my eyes to the opportunities out there. This is great for freelancers like me & beneficial for employers because they get a trusted person filling a gap while they find someone more permanent.

Our People


Wow – 16 years – what keeps you there?  It’s a question I find myself answering fairly regularly when a big part of my job is talking about work, motivation and career goals. It’s a hard question to answer, only because so many things still make coming into work at Handle every day exciting.

I’m out there meeting remarkable people who want to hire for creative and inspiring businesses, whilst engaging with talented candidates in need of advice to find their own next great job. These are challenges which I love finding solutions for – matching talent with an opportunity never ceases to be rewarding. I work with amazing teams who shine in their field, who are hugely committed and great fun.

I have the autonomy to make decisions and drive my market coverage to work with companies I’m really passionate about and help others to do the same. It’s important for me to be in an organisation which is a leader in its field, Handle has grown and evolved its expertise in line with the needs and wants of our clients and where profit comes 2nd to great service. This has bred my success and ensured career development has been in my control with the right nudge, encouragement, and support to take on new challenges just when I need it


I initially joined the company as a Resourcer for Finance Temps in 2012 before moving in to a Junior Consultant role on the desk. In January 2016 I was offered the opportunity to explore a different desk altogether and to undertake the role of Account Manager on the Office Support Temps team. Handle really believe in developing their employees and are constantly looking at ways of motivating and progressing individuals based on separate goals and skills. The business offers lucrative benefits and is a fun and sociable company to work within!​


Throughout my 10 years working in various HR roles within the music industry, Handle was my go-to agency to help me source great staff.  After a short break to have babies, Stella invited me to come and ‘help out’ on a ‘little project’ at Handle. 10 more years and about 1000 projects later, I’m still here. It’s so refreshing to be working in a business where the employees genuinely love being here.  I make it my number 1 goal to make sure it stays that way - after all, it makes my job so much easier!!


My first job in the  recruitment industry was in the “swinging  ‘60’s”  and I  loved it, so much so, that after eight years, followed by a break to have my children, I was inspired and encouraged to open my own consultancy and in  1978 Handle Recruitment was launched from small offices in Bond Street.

I made the conscious decision to approach creative companies that excited me. (Organisations that I would have loved to work for!) Over the years that followed we partnered companies in design, fashion, PR, media, entertainment and of course the music industry - Handle soon became the go-to agency for media and entertainment recruitment.

The industry has changed enormously over the last 40 years and Handle has evolved to respond to those changes, diversifying further to complimentary industry sectors and providing a full head office recruitment service. I still love recruitment, I continue to play a hands on role and am just as passionate today about Handle and all the clients we recruit for.


Nearly 20 years and I’m still happy at Handle! Why? I’ve helped grow the business, and the business has developed me. I joined when we were just starting to step towards working with industries other than music and was given a free reign to achieve what I wanted with film and TV clients. And when I wanted to change my role after having my daughter it was up to me to create it.

I’m incredibly proud of what we’ve accomplished – Handle is a growing company of inspired and talented people.


After 14 years building Digital and Technology teams for corporate IT Recruitment consultancies I was immensely glad to be given the opportunity to work for an organisation that have an innate understanding of the creative sector in their DNA.  Prior to working in recruitment I had worked in the music industry as booking agent, music publisher and as product manager for a leading merchandise company and it has been very satisfying to be able to pull both strands of my career together in one role.  

At a time when digital innovation is driving the Media and Entertainment sector, it’s very exciting to be at Handle as the benefits of what we do for our clients and candidates is tangible. Every day at Handle is challenging but motivating because we get to help out on projects that change and touch on everyone’s lives.  On a personal note it’s especially motivating to work for a senior management team that have given me the space and support to build a team, that as well as being experts in their fields, are happy in their work.


I’ve been with Handle for over 4 years now, working with the Finance Perm division. With a previous career background in Music/Events & also Recruitment – Handle was the perfect match for me! Since joining, Handle have been amazing to me and have allowed me to develop in a newly created role where I get to work closely with the candidates and their journey, which is something that I’m truly passionate about. Handle even allowed me to take a 6 month sabbatical so that I could continue working with my passion in events and production. I love to tell my friends and family about all the clients and even more so about the people & friends I work with!


I joined Handle as a Senior Consultant in 2013 having worked in recruitment for two and a half years prior.  I came from a KPI led, target driven environment, to Handle- a boutique, specialist creative agency where I have been encouraged to focus my attention on building relationships, more so than following a stringent KPI process.  Further to this, I have been given the opportunity to develop my career and progress into management which I am thoroughly enjoying.  

I am genuinely inspired by the talented people around me and feel blessed to work with such amazing peers who are not just my colleagues, but good friends.  Coming to work every day and working alongside like- minded fun, creative and ambitious people is something which I am incredibly thankful for and I can honestly say I love my job!  My journey so far at Handle has been an exciting one!

I am very proud to recruit for the best brands in the world, and work with talented, inspiring clients and candidates. The support and training in which Handle consistently provides is second to none and I am looking forward to continuing to develop my career here at Handle.