Wow – 13 years – what keeps you there?  It’s a question I find myself answering fairly regularly when a big part of my job is talking about work, motivation and career goals. It’s a hard question to answer, only because so many things still make coming into work at Handle every day exciting. I’m out there meeting remarkable people who want to hire for creative and inspiring businesses, whilst engaging with talented candidates in need of advice to find their own next great job. These are challenges which I love finding solutions for – matching talent with an opportunity never ceases to be rewarding. I work with amazing teams who shine in their field, who are hugely committed and great fun. I have the autonomy to make decisions and drive my market coverage to work with companies I’m really passionate about and help others to do the same. It’s important for me to be in an organisation which is a leader in its field, Handle has grown and evolved its expertise in line with the needs and wants of our clients and where profit comes 2nd to great service. This has bred my success and ensured career development has been in my control with the right nudge, encouragement, and support to take on new challenges just when I need it

I joined Handle in 2011 to move away from a KPI and restricted environment, into somewhere where you are encouraged to be commercial and entrepreneurial. Handle offered me guidance without suffocation and a chance to develop through my career. I was able to gain the best inside knowledge into the media / events world and I was encouraged to personally develop with the CMI (chartered management qualification). All of the teams within Handle have the same dedication and commitment to progress and achieve their goals.