Executive Coaching

unlocking potential to maximise performance

Handle Recruitment partners with a small number of accredited independent executive coaches to deliver:

  • first 100 days coaching:  Working one-on-one with a coach through a tailored five-stage process, your new executive will get the support they need to integrate as quickly as possible, while holding on to that valuable ‘fresh eye and fresh ideas’ perspective.
  • executive coaching:  Accelerating the learning curve of newly promoted senior managers, helping them gain confidence and achieve full executive ability through:
    • building a strong foundation to support their goals
    • identifying the critical success factors involved in achieving and sustaining them
    • serving as a sounding board for decision-making
  • maternity coaching:  Providing one-to-one coaching to employees before, during and after maternity. This can support strategies for retaining high-performing senior female executives resulting in:
    • saving the cost of needing to rehire
    • ensuring a faster return to full productivity post-transition
    • improving your employer brand

Get mentored by experts in the creative industry 

Already in in-line with our creative breakthrough programme, at Handle Recruitment, we aim to support exceptional professionals by providing one-to-one coaching to employees before, during and after maternity. 

A typical 5-stage process will follow the COACH model:

  • Context: Examining the individual’s background and position in the organisation, their broad aims and goals, their current situation and their skills, capabilities and knowledge. How do they see themselves, and how do others see them?
  • Objective: Clarifying objectives, identifying the strengths the coachee needs to play to and the development needs they want to address.
  • Alternatives: Exploring the courses of action open to the coachee. What could they try? How could they go about it?
  • Change: Firming up what, specifically, they’ll do differently – and by when. What might the first steps be? Will the change impact anyone else?
  • Help: Pinpointing the support the coachee feels they need to maintain this change.

Gill Bell