Handle In-House

managed recruitment services

Entering a period of extreme growth?  Suffering from a lack of internal capacity or poor processes?

If you need a trusted partner to help deliver a recruitment strategy or resource a project, the 'Handle in House' team will stand alongside you right through the process.

Handle in House blends the best techniques from Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) and a managed service model.  A shared cloud database gives our team the ability to support you seamlessly through the arrangement, giving you a scalable and qualitative approach to recruitment. Operating like an in-house recruitment team, we’ll share resource and accountability with you.

your tailored talent solution for

  • recruiting new hires directly, or through best-in-class third party suppliers
  • improving your recruitment and internal HR processes
  • providing support within finance, payroll, legal and applicant tracking

“It’s like having a trusted internal recruiter in our business, but with the full force of a whole agency brought to bear on our hiring needs.”  HR Director

“We’ve gone from not knowing if we’re ever going to make that hire, to knowing that through the HiH team it only takes an average of 15 days to make an offer. For the first time, I have confidence in my resource plans and project deadlines.” Chief Technology Officer 

Peter Tafler

Managing Director