HR Mentoring Programme

Handle Recruitment's unique HR Mentoring Programme is an exciting collaboration between our clients, facilitated by us.  We use our matching expertise to bring mentors and mentees together, in a relationship through which they offer each other developmental guidance opportunities.

Brands that have participated include; All Saints, Sony Music, BBC Worldwide, Yahoo, Hobbs, ITV, Trip Advisor, Channel 4, Burberry, Diesel, Cath Kidston, Monsoon and Paperchase.

Mentoring is a personal developmental relationship in which a more experienced or more knowledgeable person helps to guide a less experienced or less knowledgeable person: it’s an ongoing relationship of learning, dialogue and challenge.  All HR professionals within our client base can apply for mentoring. 

The programme is most effective for HR business partners and HR managers who would:

  • value discovering more about how other organisations operate
  • benefit from the wisdom and experience of a more senior, objective professional from a related, non-competing organisation

Handle's senior HR clients are welcomed as mentors.  It’s a great opportunity to ‘give back’ to the HR community, hone your coaching skills and learn about how things are done in other organisations.  To support learning, we ask our mentors and mentees to identify hot HR topics they’d like our fantastic speakers to explore at our bi-annual networking events.

how do I apply for hr mentoring?

You’ll need to complete a brief application form first of all. One of Handle’s HR consultants will then meet you to determine your key development areas and personality/culture fit. This will help us ensure mentoring is right for you, and match you with a mentor who has the relevant experience and brand fit.  If you’re selected you’ll receive full training from our independent consultant HR Director, Gil Bell. 

how do I become a mentor?

Please get in touch and we’ll arrange to meet with you. At the meeting we’ll provide an overview of the programme and determine the knowledge and experience you’ll be able to use to guide a matched mentee.

Emma Richardson