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67% of employees have not returned to the office

  • Publish Date: Posted about 1 year ago
  • Author: Sam Stock

1,858 people responded to my survey and 67% said they hadn’t.

It was higher than I expected and has left me with three questions...

- Have you not been back to the office through choice?

- What have you enjoyed the most about returning to an office?

- And what about the 136 that said they didn’t enjoy it...

Lots for me to explore, but here are a few highlights from conversations I’ve already had:

"The office is open and I want to return but feeling anxious about commuting"

"I live in a house share in London. I know I’m not very productive at the moment but my office is still closed so I feel like I am falling behind in my career" 

"I started my new role in January and getting to the office was really important to me. There are only a few people in, it feels safe and has really helped me meet some new colleagues"

With this in mind, check our resource pack for employees re-entering the workplace.