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Handle's heritage is in the entertainment and creative industries. A lot has changed since we began supplying permanent & temporary office staff in 1978.

We provide leading entertainment companies, social networks, global media brands, sports bodies, retailers, and digital technology providers with a constantly evolving range of talent solutions.

We’re deeply invested in the brands we work with; understanding each client, its market and its culture inside out, and the capabilities and qualities of the people who’ll shine there. We cast our net beyond those who are actively looking, representing exceptional individuals who are highly competent, passionate and brand-savvy.

We’re deeply invested in our candidates too; recognising the skills and competencies that drive a brand forward – we match exactly the right person with exactly the right role for them.

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    Maintaining Innovation in Isolation

    With traditional office-based work culture rapidly becoming a distant memory, how can we harness different personality types & neurodiversity to stimulate creativity?

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    A managers guide to returning to the office

    After a period of change, what happens when you re-open your office to everyone?

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    Creative breakthrough - Mentoring Programme

    Designed for exceptional people from underrepresented groups, working within the creative industries.

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    Working at handle

    find out what it's really like... is your next job at handle?...

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what people say

  • A highly recommended agency. Knowledgeable, professional and easy to work with, no spin;  just good service and good people.

    Amy Nelson-Bennett
    CEO, Molton Brown
  • Handle continues to adapt, respond and often anticipate our requirements in an ever-changing business. The depth of their experience, particularly within the creative industries enables them to quickly source quality candidates. The level of confidence this inspires makes for a strong business partnership, something that dates back to the early 80’s.

    Simon Woolf
    VP of HR UK and Ireland, Sony Music
  • I have been working with Handle for over 10 years when working in various companies and  I have always found them to be very professional.  The consultants have an extensive network in the media industry, they understand the culture within each company and who will fit best.

    Jacqui King 
    HR Director, We Are Social