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Whether due to a lack of capacity, capability or to support extreme growth, sometimes you just need help finding the right people in the timescales your business needs.
Our extended team model lets you combine the best bits of Recruitment Process Outsourcing and a managed service model to build a team that can help you overcome an immediate hiring challenge or as part of an ongoing talent programme.

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what is an extended team?

Starting with your lead consultant, we will build a dedicated team that can be on-site, virtual or a blend of both. Your extended team will act as an extension of your brand, share accountability, and deliver to a clear set of objectives.

Think of it as a ready built internal talent team that can support you through the entire recruitment process, from building a talent strategy to developing key resources and recruitment packs.

Your extended team are supported by a comprehensive recruitment tech stack or if you already have established processes, they will adapt to your existing ways of working.

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