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Be social and use the web to find a new job

  • Publish Date: Posted over 13 years ago
  • Author: Emma Dadswell


Recruiters are increasingly using the internet to find candidates who are different and stand out from their peers.  Forget the traditional job board approach; they are now using a range of social media platforms to find candidates. So in a candidate market which is becoming saturated how do you ensure that your ‘brand’ stands out and gets noticed?

Here are some of the ways you can do this…


See our previous post about Twitter and how to get started. Other than that, make sure you have built up a relevant network of recruiters/hiring manager/companies that you want to work with/for and begin some interaction with them. By following them you will also gain an insight into the culture of company, the way they work and what they are looking for in an employee.


Make sure your profile is 100% complete - ensure you have all of the following –

  • Profile summary
  • Info in the specialities section
  • Picture – professional head shot is best
  • Education
  • Complete your career history – current job and two previous positions

Make sure that people can see you (visibility) – if you search on another person, whether they are a recruiter or an individual; you want them to know you’ve looked at them and who you are. It will encourage them to look at your profile.

Join groups: Think about your target communities - companies /employers etc.  and find groups which are relevant.  Join in the discussions and ensure you provide input which demonstrates how knowledgeable you are in your sector.


Why not create your own blog – talk about what you are passionate about or have an interest in and show that you’re an expert in a given field.  A blog is an open platform for you to share your views and promote them through other social media channels like twitter.

So there are some suggestions to get social. Have you used any of these to find a job and how successful have they been? Do you think that this is the future of job-seeking, rather than the more traditional job board approach?  Let us know by commenting below…..