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The brave new world of digital talent

  • Publish Date: Posted over 13 years ago
  • Author: Emma Dadswell

It’s no secret that the digital market and particularly the use of social media has exploded in the last eighteen months.  How many of us followed the election on Twitter getting real time updates minute by minute?  And look at the way Pepsico has campaign managed the return of its drink Mountain Dew .

In our industry, this has manifested itself in a whole new market for specialists who can help organisations understand how consumers interact with content – and then build relevant and meaningful relationships with those customers.

And it’s a really interesting talent pool. For one thing, it’s dominated by Generation Y who are motivated by a variety of things.  Sure, money is important but so too are considerations such as lifestyle, culture, working hours, location and flexibility.  And it’s also a diverse pool.  The digital arena is an ever evolving market covering not only social media but affiliate marketing, CRM, SEO and online PR.  What this means is that it may not always be obvious from someone’s job title that they have the skill sets that an employer may be looking for.

So the message to hiring organisations?  Think about being more innovative with retention strategies and the way reward packages are structured.  Be flexible about job titles on CVs – don’t miss out by being too rigid. We’ve written more about talent issues in the digital market in Figaro Digital magazine which you can read here.

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