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Chemistry and attraction – can the rules of dating help you with your job search?

  • Publish Date: Posted almost 13 years ago

Internet dating is becoming big business these days and although some singles may scoff at the thought of it, it’s worth bearing in mind – not least to help in your job searching! 
Some of the common dating tips can just as easily be adapted and are relevant when you are looking for a job or attending an interview.

Have a read of our multi-purpose tips and see what you think:

Job searching

  • Be prepared – take it seriously – research, think about who you are looking for and what you want in a partner:

Which employers appeal to you and why?  Use the internet to help you hone your research and explore company culture – all really important when looking for a new job.

  • Be realistic in when you expect things to happen:

Give yourself time to write the perfect CV, sign on with an agency and set up your account/profile on any job boards.

  • Surround yourself with people who support you and boost your confidence:

Ask peers/colleagues what your strengths are if you’re finding it hard to come up with your personal profile or achievements. 

  • Be realistic about what you are aiming to ‘hook’:

It’s unlikely you’ll go from a £23,000 role to a £45,000 in one leap. Consider the next step up the ladder and what you’re likely to be able to command salary-wise.  Factor in the skills and experience you have and compare it to a range of job ads on job boards, for example.

  • If you email someone, or meet them and it doesn’t go according to plan, don’t take it personally:

We’re not all suitable for every job we apply for or interview for.  The trick is to try to get constructive feedback that can help you for your next application or interview.

  • Join clubs, societies where you can hope to meet potential partners:

Sign up with a reputable recruitment agency within your field, use job boards and social media such as LinkedIn and Twitter to network and promote your areas of specialism.

  • If you’re not having success take some time out – recharge the batteries:

Some periods just aren’t great for job searching so don’t get down. Take some to reassess your needs and have a look at updating your CV.

Interview tips

  • Be yourself and don’t lie about your age, looks, situation:

Once at interview if you’ve lied about qualifications or experience this is likely to get found out, especially if they use competency-based interviewing.

  • Look your best – join a gym, get a haircut, buy a nice outfit, sort out your image:

First impressions count and presenting a professional, appropriate you to a potential employer is really important.  Try to do some homework on company culture to turn up looking right at the interview.

  • Don’t dredge up past relationships, especially if they ended up badly:

Negative talk about current or past employers is a no-no. Instead talk about looking for a new challenge/opportunity for promotion/working closer to home.

  • Don’t overshare – some information can send people running for the hills:

Nerves make it easy to just start and not stop talking. Slow down (take a pause), consider the question and what you are being asked.  Keep your answers relevant and if you don’t understand the question – ask for clarification.

  • Never make yourself too available or settle for second best

You know your own worth.  Don’t take the first job in an attempt to leave a current situation.  Hold out for the best opportunity, salary, challenging work – whatever is your goal for a new job.  Be realistic about the salary and if your current employer comes back with a counter-offer – think about why you are choosing to leave in the first place.

So there you have it, our top tips to job searching and interviews.  Give it a go in your job search and at your next interview.  Good luck!