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The latest from Handle Recruitment

  • Publish Date: Posted over 12 years ago
  • Author: Emma Dadswell

It’s been a successful year so far for us at Handle Recruitment. We’ve had lots of new clients come on board, plenty of new team members, and we’ve also launched our Fashion & Retail Division. And now, we have some further good news to share - four of our managers have been promoted to directors.

Signalling the next stage of our growth, we would like congratulate and introduce our newly appointed directors:

Dominic Warman, who has been with us since 2002, is now Director of the Sales & Marketing Division.

David Johnston, who has worked for us for over 8 years, is now Director of the HR & Office Perms Division.

Tom Chadwick, who has also been with us since 2003, is now Director of the Finance Division.

Brendon O’Sullivan, who has worked for us for nearly 7 years, is now Director of the Office Temps and Retail Division.

Not only do these promotions illustrate the hard work and dedication all four have shown to the business, but they also serve to highlight the high retention rates we boast as a business, as well as the opportunities we offer to all staff .  In fact, we have developed a clear career structure for all employees entering the business – whatever their level.  Whether they are joining in an admin support role and looking to progress to being a resourcer  and then fully fledged consultant, or joining as an experienced consultant, and making their way up to director level. We operate a true meritocracy where success is limited only by personal ambition.

These promotions truly illustrate what our staff can achieve – after all, all four directors started out as consultants!

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