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handle’s Digital Technology team joins the Digital Revolution

  • Publish Date: Posted over 10 years ago
  • Author: Emma Dadswell

handle’s digital technology team headed out to the Barbican Centre, London for an evening of nostalgia and to celebrate the digital renaissance of the 21st century. The exhibition aimed to show you the evolution of digital technology, from classic arcade games we all loved like Brick Breaker, Pac Man and The Gameboy, to learning how the CGI from blockbuster hit "Gravity" came together. The show aimed to illustrate the creativity and multi-faceted ways people have become inspired by the digital industry, from games and music, to design, film making and art.

dark-angelhandle’s Tim Smith, Director of the Digital Technology division, spoke about how the exhibition played with the senses, and not only took you on a journey down memory lane, but also left excitement in the air for what the future holds. “The interactivity of art installations triggered participation from the youngest to the oldest of people and really were stunning and thought provoking. The laser show which reacted to your movements was a challenge for the impatient like me – I tried to grab it, but it jumped away, and I soon started to look like a cat chasing a torchlight”.

The show reinforced for the team just how important, versatile and prominent the digital world is within our daily lives. The proactive and stimulating exhibition brought on a discussion about what technology means to them; with Clare Garcia-Rodriguez, Researcher for the handle team stating “Twitter and Citymapper is an unlimited information source, at my and everyone’s fingertips, however, this exhibition had a definite lean towards technology for fun and interactive art to evoke an emotion”.

art-imgWill Fraser, Senior Consultant at handle expressed “it was interesting to note that technology has advanced to the point that we can interact with digital art in real time, becoming part of the installation itself.  All in all an enjoyable visit, with a good blend of information and fun”.

The Digital Revolution exhibition was a chance for handle’s team to embrace the advances of the digital world, giving them an insightful look at just how far the industry has come. They left the exhibition with enthusiasm as to where the future will lead them, their clients and their candidates.

The exhibition is on show from July 3 – Sep 14. To find out more about the event, visit their website

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