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playing the interview game

  • Publish Date: Posted over 10 years ago
  • Author: Emma Dadswell

10 essential interview tips to land that job.

  1. Be positive: A job interview is not the hurdle some people imagine, and you should approach it in a confident and positive frame of mind. See it more as a mutual exchange of ideas or a two-way conversation. 
  2. Be prepared: Before you send in your CV, research the company and the job itself use Google to widen your search further than the corporate website. Armed with this information you can then emphasise the relevant aspects of your market experience and technical skills. 
  3. Be on time: On the day of the interview you must be on time - if you are not, be early. If you are late this reflects badly on your time management skills and priorities. 
  4. First impressions: Check out the dress code with your consultant before you go. On meeting the interviewer, shake hands firmly, smile and look the person in the eye. Aim to quickly establish rapport. 
  5. Be direct: When you answer a question come to the point first, then expand on it with background information and examples - not the other way around. 
  6. Show off your plus points: If the interviewer doesn't ask the right questions to highlight your capabilities and unique skills, figure out how to work them into the conversation, and quantify your experience where possible with real examples. 
  7. Listen: As well as talking, make sure that you listen. Look interested and enthusiastic. 
  8. Ask questions: Ensure you have prepared some questions to ask about the job, your suitability, the organisation, training programmes and future prospects. 
  9. Closing the interview: Let the interviewer know that you are interested in the position and thank them. Call your consultant as soon as you finish and give them your feedback. 
  10. And finally: Remember that, no matter how they are phrased, all the questions posed to you in an interview boil down to one - How would you fit into this company and can you do the job better than any of the other people we are talking to?