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securing your dream role

  • Publish Date: Posted over 10 years ago
  • Author: Emma Dadswell

get the job you want with tips from our recruitment experts.

We've brought together our specialist knowledge to help you secure your dream role:

  • Don’t underestimate the power of networking. Make time to get to know as many people in your industry as possible. Everyone you meet during a job search has the potential to make an impact on your professional growth. Any contact could become your next employer or a key networking resource.
  • Do your research. If you are looking for a new role, promotion or career change, make sure you find out exactly what that role might entail.
  • Your CV/ LinkedIn profile is your own personal marketing tool, so spend the time to make sure it reflects your skills and experience and is tailored appropriately to the role you are applying for. 
  • In any market, just being able to do the job isn’t always enough. Potential employers will consider how you can add value so make sure you have some examples to demonstrate at interview.
  • Find out as much as you can about the organisation before the interview. Using this information to help you prepare your cover letter and questions for the interview demonstrates initiative and conveys your interest and enthusiasm in joining the company.
  • Do make the best first impression. Most businesses have a reception area and this is when many job seekers let their guard down. You may be evaluated just as much in the waiting area as in the interview itself. Make sure you are friendly and professional towards anyone who may greet you before and after the interview.
  • Show respect for others’ time. Be punctual for interviews and respond promptly to requests for references.
  • After an interview, maintain the momentum of the process by providing feedback to your recruitment consultant. Even if this role is not right for you, it will help your consultant to understand your requirements better.
  • If you are unsuccessful, be bold and ask for feedback on how you could have increased your chances as a candidate either from the interviewer or recruitment consultant.
  • Don’t take rejection personally. An interview isn’t a popularity contest. Avoid the urge to feel slighted – no one can be a perfect fit for every job.