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  • Publish Date: Posted over 8 years ago
  • Author: Emma Dadswell

case study: attracting top digital content talent for jobs in the Middle East.

The business: A leading digital content service provider which is expanding fast into emerging markets.

What they needed
To build a new team to lead the launch of the business in the Middle East region. This would involve ‘talent mapping’ the market: identifying the top digital content talent, and attracting, engaging and hiring the very best for seven key strategic roles. Rather than working with a local recruiter, the client chose handle – they felt we truly ‘got’ the digital media landscape and its company culture.

The challenge
The timelines to launch were extremely tight, meaning we had to quickly develop our knowledge of this brand new and complex market, and find candidates with rare specialist capabilities and broad local knowledge.

The handle approach
Using our network, we identified the key companies and significant players in the region and drew up a long-list of relevant candidates. Working closely with the client we engaged with them, screened them and shortlisted them against each vacancy. We then held first stage interviews in the Middle East, assessing 35 candidates and selecting the best to meet the client’s regional heads. We aimed to be an ‘ambassador’ for the brand – giving candidates the same experience as if they’d met an internal recruiter.

The outcome
All seven roles were successfully appointed, and the business launched on time with the best results of any launch in terms of press coverage and customer uptake. The client now has an expert core team in place to build the future.

“It could have been risky to undertake the searches from London – but handle’s ability to source any role and its innate understanding of our business brought results which more than speak for themselves. The teams that were built are among the strongest in our business.”