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The brands most respected for their marketing

  • Publish Date: Posted over 8 years ago
  • Author: Emma Dadswell

Marketing Week has released a list of the ten brands that gain the most admiration from marketers. The top brands on the list, compiled by research company Grupo Consultores UK from interviews with more than 200 marketers includes AppleInnocent, O2 and Nike. Unsurprisingly, the list of companies which are respected by marketing professionals share close parallels with consumers’ favourite brands. But what is the magic ingredient when creating a universally iconic image?

Here at Handle Recruitment we only work with the world’s best brands. We understand that image and reputation ultimately translate into high brand equity, and that the maintenance of such iconic statuses is achieved through the talent of those working within the organisations. It seems that brand awareness is largely propelled through creative advertising. And even long time market leaders such as Coca-Cola – the world’s most well-known drinks brand with 125 years’ of heritage - invest heavily and continuously in a unified marketing strategy.

Talented marketing professionals build on world famous logos and slogans to create the unforgettable campaigns of today to keep their brands at the forefront of the public’s consciousness. Great products do not translate into great brands without the creative zeal of bright marketing professionals. And by building on the heritage of these universally known companies, those in the industry have the exciting task of building a unified image through an ever-expanding array of touch points. The brands that are respected most by marketers are the same as those loved by the public because of the message that those in the industry have carefully forged. From advertising to PR, social media and sponsorship – marketing the world’s most famous brands successfully requires exceptional still and creativity.

What marketing campaign do you most admire and why?