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Newly qualified accountants – thought about a career in the entertainment industry?

  • Publish Date: Posted about 8 years ago

The stereotypical idea of the accountant as a number cruncher in a pin striped suit has long gone and this is nowhere more evident than in the entertainment sector where evolving technology, big personalities and an often less than traditional working environment can present a tempting career option for today’s finance professionals.

The sorts of roles available for finance professionals are many and varied. You could be working as a financial and planning analyst for an entertainment company where you may be reporting on the financial performance of TV and DVD titles; you could be looking at acquisition and investment opportunities for music businesses monitoring the performance and liabilities of a film studio. As a commercial analyst you could be evaluating and analysing commercial initiatives and undertaking competitor analysis or you might be heavily involved in royalties accounting for a record label.

It’s not an easy option – you’ll need to be able to demonstrate a real interest in the sector – whether that be film, television or music but equally you’ll need to be as enthusiastic about finance as you are about the industry – no employer wants to be given the impression that you see finance as a way of simply getting a foot in the door.

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