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Get that job in the bag – ask these 10 questions in the interview

  • Publish Date: Posted over 7 years ago

We all prep for days for that big interview sometimes weeks!  We know the answers to all those probing questions, you’ve probably memorised them, but do we ever really put any thought into the questions we might need to ask in that interview? 

It’s easily done, you come to the end of the all-important interview and you’re asked if you have any questions, the age old, ‘so when can I expect to hear from you?’ is the ONLY question you have!  We know the question we really want to ask is ‘have I got the job?’ 

By showing initiative and asking questions it sets you apart from the rest of the candidates, and shows that you’re really interested in the role and can exemplify that you’re the right cultural fit for the company.  This is also a chance to clarify any uncertainties you may have about the role or company.  Remember an interview is always a two-way street!

Here are Handle’s top 10 questions to ask at a job interview;

  1. How did this position develop?  This is a great opener question to get the conversation started, it gives the interviewer an opportunity to talk and allows you to gain an insight into the history of the role.  You can then establish why the role is available, e.g.  Due to company growth or a restructure.

  2. As my manager, how do you like to work with your staff, do you have any processes in place that I should be aware of?   This shows that you’ve taken the time to recognise that there’s a team that you will need to fit into, asking shows that you are willing and want to know more and fit in with the existing structure.
  3. How can I help to make this company more successful? This question shows you understand that the business is there to grow and flourish and that you intuitively want to help and be part of that growth.
  4. How do you see this role progressing over the next two years?  This question shows that you’re in it for the long haul, and you want to know what opportunities or growth is available for you within the organisation.
  5. Could you tell me more about the team I’ll be working with?  This question helps you assess the culture of your immediate colleagues and help present you as a team player.
  6. What are the main challenges of this role and the organisation as a whole?  This question shows that you are not afraid of a challenge and that you are willing to tackle a problem head on.
  7. What successes would you like to see achieved in the next three months?  This will enable you to gauge their expectations and also shows that you are goal driven.
  8. How has the company changed since you joined and what do you like most about it?  This question gives you the opportunity to start building more of a personal bond with the interviewer, it can also relax the interview process for both you and the person interviewing you.
  9. What would you say is the most important skill needed to succeed in this role?  Recap on what you’ve discussed and what was mentioned in the job spec, mention the skills needed for the role so that it shows you have done your research if the interviewer responds positively you’ve just generated an opening to highlight your qualifications and experience in that area in more detail.
  10. Ask about something topical?  Do your research, find out what’s happening at the company now.  Look at their social media streams, blog pages and news area of their website, discuss anything that’s currently happening within the business and how this may affect the business.  This shows that you have taken a keen interest in what’s going with the organisation.

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