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VR/AR world - new opportunities for candidates in tech and design

  • Publish Date: Posted over 7 years ago

Not a long time ago the world was excited about 3D televisions and screens. Back then various giants in the industry invested vast amounts of money into designing and producing very expensive hardware. The idea petered out and today 3D TVs aren't present in every household.

The 3D TV example seems to be one of the most popular arguments against going into the VR business - whether you are an investor or a software developer or even thinking of producing your own kit.

It’s true, there is definitely big money involved when it comes to new hardware production - most large companies will need to risk it and wait until the product becomes popular or the sale of complimentary products (like games or other software) starts picking up otherwise the hardware on its own won't bring enough profit to be a business itself - at least this is what seems to be the case with Sony PS VR.

However, months after releasing the first headsets to the market we are now observing a fast growth in the use of VR/AR technologies across different fields and industries, and we can easily imagine the broad use of VR/AR in our everyday lives.

Apart from VR technology in gaming we can see it widely spreading across industries like architecture/property, healthcare, entertainment and retail, to name the main ones.

If we can say that virtual reality and augmented reality is definitely picking up then it will create more jobs as well as even new professions and specialisms.

There will be definitely a large demand for 3D designers and modellers as these skills will be needed across all the industries using VR/AR - someone will need to render these super realistic 3D hearts for future doctors to operate on.

In terms of learning new skills there is always a lot in store for developers, especially as most powerful game engines like Unreal Engine or Unity 3D are free and don’t have to be used only to design games.

It looks like there will be a bigger need for mobile developers as well. This is mainly because VR mobile headsets are cheaper and slowly proving to be more practical as well to everyday users - especially when it comes to gaming and retail - soon we will be all sitting comfortably at home trying on endless combinations of clothing in virtual shops.

The future is coming - now looks to be the time to jump on board - helping to shape it will be the most exciting bit!

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