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How to switch that ‘hire me I’m a contractor’ light on!

  • Publish Date: Posted almost 7 years ago

So, you’re a contractor, and you’re fed up of having to tick either a full-time or part-time box - Well, LinkedIn has created a feature just for you! It’s part of their Open Candidate feature.

The filter makes it easy for recruiters to identify you when they are searching for candidates that are available for contract or freelance work - full-time or part-time! (That’s you).

You’ll need to check the Contract box in the Open Candidate feature. This works if you’re self-employed but also if you're looking to take on a freelance project or interim contract whilst in employment, minimising the possibility of your current employer finding out that you’re doing something on the side.

Open Candidate was launched in October last year, allowing users to privately notify recruiters that they’re open to new opportunities.  LinkedIn says that to date 3.4 million members have enabled this feature and will show up as qualified leads within the company’s Recruiter product. With contractors now supported, LinkedIn claims that recruiters could expect to see response times increase by 3 times — there are already 4 million members who identify as contractors on the professional social network.  So go on, tick that box and let those jobs come to you.

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