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Pension Auto Enrolment - everything you need to know

  • Publish Date: Posted over 4 years ago
  • Author: Emma Dadswell

To help people save more for their retirement, the government requires employers to enrol their workers into a qualifying workplace pension scheme. This applies to all employees who are not already a member of a qualifying workplace pension and who:

  •  earn over £10,000 a year ( £192 per week);
  •  are aged 22 or over;
  •  work or usually work in the UK; and
  •  are under State Pension age.

Employees who meet these criteria are considered eligible employees for auto-enrolment.
Both Handle Recruitment and you will pay into the Scheme every month.

What if I am not eligible to be automatically enrolled?

If you are aged under 22 years, or over State Pension age (but under 75), or earn more than £5,876 (£113 per week) but not more than £10,000 a year (,£192 per week):

You will not be automatically enrolled into the pension scheme. This is because you do not meet the criteria set by the government. However, you have the right to join the scheme if you want to. Both you and Handle Recruitment would pay into it.

If you are under 75 and earn £5,876 or less a year ( £113 per week):

You will not be automatically enrolled into the pension scheme. This is because you do not meet the criteria set by the government. However, if you ask us to do so, we will enrol you into a pension scheme.   We would not contribute to this pension as you do not earn over £5,876 a year. (This is the earnings level set by the government).

How can I enrol if I am not eligible?

If you want to join a pension scheme now but are not eligible, please contact our pension providers The Peoples Pension, by sending a letter requesting your enrolment. This letter must be signed by you. If you wish to send it electronically then it must contain the phrase “I confirm I personally submitted this notice to join a workplace pension scheme”.  If sending electronically please send to the following e-mail

A commitment from us

If you are under 75, work or usually work in the UK, and earn over £5,876 a year (the amount set by the government):

  •  We must by law continue to maintain your membership of a scheme that meets certain government standards; and
  •  If your membership of such a scheme ends (and it is not because of something you do or fail to do), we must by law put you into another scheme that meets government standards straightaway.

Where can I get further information?

If you have any questions about your pension plan or contribution levels, contact our pension advisors The Peoples Pension on the below details:

Telephone: 01293 586 666

You can also contact the Handle Recruitment Payroll team on