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This weeks Hot Topics - 14/02/2020

  • Publish Date: Posted over 4 years ago
  • Author: Grace Hughes

From work place mental health and changing technology to Spotify’s brand manifesto let’s take a look at what our consultants are talking about this week. 

Tanya Maponga - Young Workers Need Companies to Prioritize Mental Health

‘Millennial's and GEN Z make up just over a third of the workforce. As this continues to increase, organisations need to do their best to support young workers who are unprepared for the pressure of working life. Click below for some recommendations on what you can do to support mental health in your organisation!’


Tanya Maponga - Why You Should Create a “Shadow Board” of Younger Employees: 

‘Great article which highlights reasons why multi-generational workforce's offer a competitive advantage. Have you tried shadowing and mentoring schemes in your organisation? Click below to read more about the impact it's had on luxury fashion powerhouse, Gucci'


Stephanie Goldfinch - Why It Is Critical to Prepare Now for The Jobs of Tomorrow:

‘Industry is changing and we're using technology more and more especially in Talent Acquisition - take a look at why it’s critical to prepare for the jobs of tomorrow!’


Daniel Poole - The Band Manifesto:

‘Spotify release their 'band' manifesto as part of their employee attraction tactics. The brand continues to challenge the norm, with it's progressive marketing strategies, leading the way against it's risk-averse competitors.’


Fancesca O'Dwyer - C-Suite 2.0: The Chief “Heart” Officer Role and How Empathy Will Fuel Innovative Cultures of Belonging:

‘Really interesting podcast around diversity & inclusion, as well as how to create an innovative and inclusive culture for employees to thrive in!’