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This Weeks Hot Topics - 20/02/2020

  • Publish Date: Posted about 4 years ago
  • Author: Grace Hughes

As another week draws to a close, lets take a look at what our consultants are talking about...

Stephanie Goldfinch - Automation and AI's role in HR 

'Would you consider the implementation of Machine Learning and AI to improve your recruitment experience, employee engagement and retention? Take a look at this article to hear how the world of HR is changing.'

Matthew Watkinson - Slack skyrockets 21% after IBM says it's rolling out the platform to all 350,000 of its employees globally (WORK)

'Only a few months ago I shared a post highlighting the amount of business's now using Slack. Will it be the front runner for Internal Communications?'

Dan Poole - Amazon - How Bezos built his data machine

'‘Not all of Amazon’s big decisions have been based on data. Sometimes Jeff Bezos simply goes with his gut. At the turn of the millennium, he wanted a logo revamp. The old logo showed the website’s address above a simple downturned swoosh. A package design agency pitched the idea of turning the curve upside down to form a smiling arrow pointing from A to Z. Bezos instantly loved it and rejected the need for consumer-testing. “Anyone who doesn’t like this logo doesn’t like puppies,” he said’

Tanya Maponga - Bill Gates says companies that offer flextime will always have an edge - and here are 6 reasons why he is right.

'Companies that offer flextime are more likely to hire and retain employees. They'll also save money, because employees will be healthier, and have a more productive workforce. Click below for more insight on flexible working and the great benefits it can have for your organisation'  

Mia Goodley also had something to say about this article - 'Compared with five years ago, 40 percent more companies are now offering flexible work arrangements as the demand for remote and flexible arrangements rise in unprecedented numbers.'