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What are people looking for from their current employer as they return to the office?

  • Publish Date: Posted almost 3 years ago
  • Author: Louis Bradley
Office with people sitting at computers

Overall job vacancies in the UK have risen to the highest number in their 24-year survey history. Demand for permanent staff hit new records, and temporary vacancies expanded at the fastest rate since 1997. Source: Recruitment & Employment Confederation

We asked a few of our consultants: what are people looking for from their current employer (and why might they move!)?

“Having lacked stability in the past year, they want to know that their jobs are secure"

“A lot of my network feel like their career has been placed on hold and are looking for personal development opportunities and a clear path for progression"

“It’s about having the choice to deliver their best work. Flexible working options and more hybrid ways of working are vital"

"I cannot underestimate the value of wanting to feel appreciated. Well considered and creative perks, benefits and rewards are huge positives"

“After a year of digital transformation, employees expect their organisation to be leading the way. They want to feel like they are not being left behind compared to competitors "

"People want to work with brands they are proud of - representation and innovation is crucial as candidates want to know they're part of something exciting"

“More and more candidates are looking for comprehensive wellbeing initiatives"