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HR HOTLINE: Send your people and talent queries here

  • Publish Date: Posted about 2 years ago
  • Author: Handle Recruitment
HR Hotline - Handle Recruitment

Do you work in People & Talent?

Are you desperately searching Google for answers but not finding the right support?

It sounds like you need the People Experience HR Hotline!

So how does it work?

Recent questions we’ve been asked include:

  • What can be done to improve employee engagement and recreate 'kitchen chats' with multiple offices/hybrid work models?

  • The day-to-day of my role means I have little to no time for strategy, what are some tips for shifting this dynamic?

  • Candidates are in multiple recruitment/offer processes at once, what are some great tips for standing out?

Our Recruitment Account Manager Maggie explains more:

“Stating the obvious but when you are a people, culture or talent professional you have to provide solutions to a LOT of problems. With the increase in remote and hybrid working many people in my network are feeling that they don’t have the same chance to lean over and ask someone in their team, or feel anxious about whether it is a big enough priority to ask over slack!

“So if you have something on your mind, complete the form below (anonymously or not), and we will reach out to one of the stars in our network for an answer.”