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Podcast of the week - Working it: Why menopause is such a hot topic at work

  • Publish Date: Posted over 2 years ago
  • Author: Emma Richardson

Working It podcast - Financial Times

​Women over 50 are the fastest growing demographic in the workforce, and in the US alone $1 billion was invested into women's health startups last year - for menopause-related products, founders are known as 'menopreneurs'!

'There's this thing that hits women just as they become heads of department or execs on the board...' 

- Landy Slattery, Channel 4

But is this boom reflected in company policy? And is the issue much more complex than policy anyway? This is a fantastic conversation with Navine Alimand Landy Slattery, who pioneered Channel 4's menopause policy, with insight from FT columnist Brooke Masters...Listen to the full podcast here

Emma Richardson - Handle Recruitment

Emma Richardson

Director, People Experience Division