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74% of HR professionals would rather work a 4-day week than work 5 shorter days

  • Publish Date: Posted almost 2 years ago
  • Author: Emma Richardson
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We asked, and The People Experience Community answered. 74% of HR professionals polled in our newsletter would rather work a 4-day week than work 5 shorter days.

According to Owl Labs, worker productivity increased by as much as 5% annually from 1987 to now, but compensation has never grown by more than 2% per year in that period. At the same time, average hours worked per week has stayed near 43 hours since 1970. So perhaps what we're seeing now isn't so much a shift in attitude, as it is a rebalance.

Also, research from Vouchercloud shows that the average UK office worker is only actually productive for 2 hours and 53 minutes on a normal workday - so are we just kidding ourselves about current 5 day week productivity levels?

74% of people would choose a 4-day week over shorter working days

The conversation around the 4-day work week has intensified recently, with 70 companies in the UK currently taking part in an organised, and measured 4-day week trial following the '100/80/100' rule - 100% pay, 80% time, 100% output.

Recently, we managed to sit down and have a proper chat with Charmaine St. John, Head of People at Hutch Games, one of the companies in the trial. We discussed how they decided on switching to 4 days, what the challenges have been and how it's going so far.

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