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PEx Podcast: ​Embarking on the 4 day week, with Charmaine St. John

  • Publish Date: Posted 15 days ago
  • Author: Molly West

In episode 4 of the People Experience Podcast, we're discussing a very hot topic - the 4-day workweek!

By now, I'm sure you've probably heard a lot about potential benefits and ideas surrounding reducing our time spent at work. But a lot of conversations leave out the all-too-crucial practicalities of actually putting things in motion.

Someone who's on that journey is Charmaine St. John, Head of People at Hutch Games, a leading games company taking part in the 6-month, 4-day week trial currently happening in the UK.

I spoke to Charmaine about why they're doing it, the steps they took to prepare, how they communicated with people, and what the results have been so far…

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And for anyone who is considering the 4 day week at their company, Charmaine kindly shared some resources which she has found useful:

Molly West

Molly West

Community Manager, People Experience Division