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World Mental Health Day - 5 apps to boost your wellbeing

  • Publish Date: Posted over 1 year ago
  • Author: Handle Recruitment
World Mental Health Day - Handle Recruitment

​Today is #worldmentalhealthday, and so our consultants have rounded up their top picks of apps to support your mental wellbeing - from meditation to journaling and CBT exercises.

  • Calm - Meditation, mindfulness exercise and sleep stories (some narrated by your favourite actors), this app covers everything from breathwork to playlists for sleep.

  • Headspace - Described as a ‘gym membership for the mind’ - this app teaches you to learn meditation and mindfulness with daily guided 10-minute meditation sessions to calm and recentre you.

  • Happify - This app is a self-improvement programme combining positive psychology and gaming to train your brain, change your behaviour, and improve your happiness.

  • Reflectly - A journaling app that enables you to deal with negative thoughts and ‘make positivity louder’.

  • Meditopia - This app offers 1,000 meditations to get to the heart of what people deal with daily. These are offered in 9 languages and cover a range of topics including relationships, loneliness, sexuality, life purpose and more.