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How to retain great talent - #1 focus on career development

  • Publish Date: Posted over 1 year ago
  • Author: Emma Richardson

​Have you ever left or considered leaving a job where career development was not prioritised? 67% of our People Experience community said yes!

How to retain great talent - #1 focus on career development

And HR hero Lars Schmidt recently said: ‘In 2023, employees will respond by focusing more on what's best for them when making career decisions. They'll be much more interested in learning-and-development opportunities, mentorship, coaching, and career development, in addition to compensation.’

So how can you support the career development of your people?

  • Encourage latitude | Fostering development opportunities across teams ensures that your employees will gain a deeper understanding of the business, and the role they play, as well as different career paths! ​

  • Value mentorship | One-on-one relationships where people are able to gain perspective, ideas and problem solve outside of their normal team dynamics are invaluable.

  • Provide enough time | There’s no point providing great training opportunities if you don’t allow busy employees time to do them. If you don’t create a structure that allows time to participate, learning will fall way down the priority list. ​

  • Create community | Community is a strong motivator in our careers. Development opportunities that foster relationships with co-workers will create bonds to help employees in tough times.

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