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​Is your company doing enough to upskill existing employees?

  • Publish Date: Posted about 1 year ago
  • Author: Handle Recruitment

We asked our People Experience community and only 44% felt that their company is doing enough to upskill employees.

A worrying statistic when the Essential Skills Tracker 2023 found that 56% of adults in the UK would consider getting a new job that offered improved essential skills building opportunities. 

HR has a tonne of priorities on its list, and for many companies’ budgets are tight. So, are there different, more integrated, forms of learning that can be introduced?

How about ‘Learning in the Flow of Work’

This is a term coined by international HR superstar Josh Bersin in 2018. What it basically means is empowering and equipping employees to learn wherever they are, as problems and opportunities arise.

Any time that you've encountered an issue and scuttled off to YouTube to find a solution, you've been learning in the flow of work. But to really make this an effective part of L&D programmes, and not just a quick fix to immediate problems, people teams need to align the skills gaps they have with the resources that people are going to need. 

Lots of this learning is going to happen 'as and when', rather than as part of dedicated training time, but the key is to be intentional about what's available to people. L&D teams are going to become masters of understanding people's learning wants and business skills gaps, and having the resources already available for people to learn as they go!

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