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Work is changing. Is HR ready?

  • Publish Date: Posted 12 months ago
  • Author: Emma Richardson

It’s been a whirlwind few years for anyone working in People and Talent, and the pace isn’t looking likely to slow down any time soon…

In times gone by, HR was the function concerned with the following: paying people, keeping a record on them, hiring them, disciplining them, and firing them. Things are different nowadays; our expectations of what work should be have changed immeasurably, and so have the requirements of HR teams.

What makes a great HR starter in 2023?
  • Adding strategic value - from the jump!

‘When I first started, HR was the hiring and firing function,’ says Sophia Senessie, Senior HR Consultant at Journey HR, which runs interactive workshops for industry newbies. ‘Now, HR is responsible for making key business decisions. Most of the companies I work with are far more invested in HR than they were when I began my career.’

People coming into HR can offer real perspective on emerging employee mindsets, and how businesses should respond. New generations have been introduced to work in a completely different way to those before, and HR starters may be in a position to understand that best. Overall, Sophia says it’s really important that people just ‘roll their sleeves up and get excited about the amount they can get involved in.’

  • A tech-forward mindset 

From ATS systems to AI screening tools, the world of HR tech is rapidly changing - and anyone who buries their head in the sand won’t reap the benefits that data and automation can offer. ‘For HR employees, tech skills are as important as those crucial soft-skills, and people who are able to work with them will be most successful. Data is crucial in HR, and someone with a growth mindset in these areas will contribute the most to their team.’

  • Passion for people

The most important one! Employees are HR’s customers, and their happiness is the product of any great HR team. Handle’s own research found that candidates would not work for a great brand if: 

    • They didn’t have a strong diversity policy (84.7%)

    • They didn’t offer mental health support (71.3%)

    • They didn’t offer flexible working (67.5%)

A great HR employee understands their role in delivering on a people agenda that attracts, and retains the best talent. So what are the attributes needed? ‘Passion, and a willingness to expand their understanding of these issues and really bring their own ideas to the table,’ according to Sophia. 

Journey HR is running interactive workshops, providing practical, participative training on the HR fundamentals. If you’re looking to upskill yourself or someone on your team, get in touch.