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51% of our People Experience community don't think internal mobility processes support DEI goals at their company

  • Publish Date: Posted 11 months ago
  • Author: Emma Richardson
diversity and internal mobility - Handle Recruitment

For companies looking to improve DE&I, creating a culture of internal mobility is a no-brainer.

Focusing attention on improving diversity in hires, but not having space for internal moves and promotions is a big and expensive mistake. Here’s how you can foster a culture of mobility at your company:

  • View employees as rounded individuals

Managers need to take the time to understand an employee's skillset, their passions and curiosities, and not just their ability to do the tasks required of their role. Employees also need to be given the opportunity to learn about different teams and functions within businesses. Without this, it can be really tricky for management, and employees to see which internal hires could work.

  • Get managers on-board

Managers are (understandably) reluctant to let go of their best performers. But, depending on the size and scale of teams, employees may have hit a ceiling, and soon will start looking to move. Consider what’s best: have someone leave the organisation, or thrive within it (albeit perhaps on another team)? 

  • Provide exposure to other teams

Consider giving employees opportunities to work within other teams. One of the key factors in motivation is seeing the effect your work has on the business as a whole, and understanding how the different business areas contribute to overall success. Doing this will also enable better cross-team learning, and provide more opportunity for employees to move.

  • Assess why you are promoting the same types of person

Promotion data is going to be crucial in terms of assessing what the issue is. If you do have a culture of mobility, but those moves always go to people with similar profiles, you need to assess why that is. Just as you work to omit bias from hiring, this same work needs to be applied to performance management and your promotion processes!

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