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The key people you need to deliver a finance transformation programme

  • Publish Date: Posted 9 months ago
  • Author: Ryan Burrow
Finance Transformation key roles | handle recruitment

To deliver a successful finance transformation, you need to ensure that you have the right people available at each stage of the programme.

While the exact job titles, and whether they should be a contractor or permanent employee, will vary depending on the organisation and its structure, I’ve broken down each stage of a Finance Transformation Roadmap and spotlighted the most requested talent:

  1. Assessment and Visioning

  2. Design and Planning

  3. Process Optimisation

  4. Data and Analytics Transformation

  5. Technology Enablement

  6. Change Management and Communication

  7. Performance Measurement and Continuous Improvement

Stage 1: Assessment and Visioning
  • CFO: Overall strategic direction, executive sponsorship, and vision for the Finance Transformation initiative.

  • Finance Transformation Manager: Oversees the assessment process, identifies pain points, and engages with stakeholders.

  • Process Improvement Analyst: Analyses existing finance processes, identifies inefficiencies, and suggests improvements.

  • IT Business Analyst: Assists in evaluating the current state of finance systems and technology.

Stage 2: Design and Planning
  • CFO: Sets the strategic direction and goals for the Finance Transformation initiative.

  • Finance Transformation Manager: Develops the comprehensive Finance Transformation strategy and project plan.

  • Project Manager: Coordinates the planning process, timelines, and resource allocation.

  • Finance Business Partner: Collaborates with stakeholders to define objectives and align them with the overall strategy.

  • IT Director: Provides guidance on technology requirements and feasibility.

Stage 3: Process Optimisation
  • Finance Transformation Manager: Leads the process optimisation efforts and ensures alignment with the strategic goals.

  • Process Improvement Specialist: Works closely with finance teams to streamline processes and eliminate redundancies.

  • Finance Operations Manager: Implements process changes and monitors efficiency gains.

  • Change Management Specialist: Supports the transition to new processes and fosters a culture of continuous improvement.

Stage 4: Data and Analytics Transformation
  • Chief Data Officer: Oversees data governance and quality initiatives.

  • Data Analyst: Assesses data sources, analyses trends, and provides insights for decision-making.

  • Business Intelligence Developer: Implements analytics capabilities, develops dashboards, and supports reporting requirements.

  • Data Scientist: Utilises advanced analytics techniques for predictive modelling and scenario analysis.

Stage 5: Technology Enablement
  • CFO: Provides strategic guidance and approves the selection of finance systems and tools.

  • IT Director: Evaluates technology options, manages implementation, and ensures integration.

  • Financial Systems Analyst: Assists with system selection, configuration, and testing.

  • Training Manager: Develops training programs and provides support to end-users.

  • User Experience (UX) Designer: Enhances the user interface and user experience of finance systems.

Stage 6: Change Management and Communication
  • CFO: Drives change management initiatives and communicates the benefits of the Finance Transformation.

  • Change Management Specialist: Develops and implements the change management plan.

  • Internal Communications Manager: Handles internal communication related to the Finance Transformation initiative.

  • HR Business Partner: Supports employee engagement, training, and talent management during the change process.

Stage 7: Performance Measurement and Continuous Improvement
  • CFO: Monitors performance against KPIs and ensures alignment with strategic objectives.

  • Finance Performance Analyst: Analyses financial data, identifies areas for improvement, and tracks progress.

  • Continuous Improvement Manager: Facilitates ongoing improvement initiatives and supports the implementation of best practices.

  • Finance Business Partner: Collaborates with stakeholders to identify areas for continuous improvement and drive performance.

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If you are leading a programme, or want to find your next role within finance transformation, please get in touch and lets talk.
Ryan Burrow | Finance Transformation Recruitment