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TOP 5 tips for a CFO to deliver a finance transformation project

  • Publish Date: Posted 9 months ago
  • Author: Ryan Burrow
TOP 5 tips for a CFO to deliver a finance transformation project

When planning a finance transformation project, here are the top five tips for a CFO to consider:

  • Clearly define objectives and vision before anything 

Start by clearly defining the objectives and vision for the finance transformation project. Align these goals with the organisation's strategic priorities and ensure they are well-communicated to all stakeholders. This clarity will provide a guiding framework and help focus efforts throughout the project.

  • Engage and involve key stakeholders from day dot

Identify and engage key stakeholders early on in the process. This includes finance team members, executives, IT personnel, and other relevant departments. By involving stakeholders from the beginning, you can gather valuable insights, gain buy-in, and foster a sense of ownership in the transformation project.

  • Conduct a (comprehensive) assessment:

Begin the project with a thorough assessment of current finance processes, systems, and capabilities. Identify pain points, inefficiencies, and areas for improvement. This assessment will serve as the foundation for designing a targeted and effective transformation roadmap.

  • Develop a realistic (and well-structured) plan:

Create a realistic and well-structured plan that outlines the activities, timelines, resource requirements, and deliverables for each phase of the transformation project. Ensure that the plan includes clear milestones, measurable goals, and a robust change management strategy. Regularly review and update the plan as needed to stay on track.

  • Create a collaborative culture

Encourage open communication and continuous improvement within the finance team and across the organisation. It only works if everyone is on board!

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Ryan Burrow - Associate Director