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The top 5 Tools to help launch your career in music marketing

  • Publish Date: Posted 8 months ago
  • Author: Handle Recruitment
The top 5 Tools to help launch your career in Music marketing

If you are thinking about a career in music marketing, these are the tools you need to learn.

With a lot of people vying for spots in the music industry, the industry skills that you can offer to an employer are what will set you apart from other candidates. Taking the time to learn these platforms, and create content that showcases your ability, will be very beneficial for yourself and for potential employers.

  • WordPress - A lot of publishers and companies use WordPress to build sites and distribute content - knowing your way around this will massively help if your role involves creating content for websites.

  • Google Analytics - a lot of campaign tracking involves using Google to track clicks, impressions and views. If you work on a marketing campaign for an artist, you may be asked to track engagement to their socials, for example. Google have their Analytics Academy where you can do free courses to get up to speed.

  • Hootsuite - This is a social scheduling tool that a lot of companies use to line up their content for the week or month. If you work in a social-focused role this could come up so give it a go!

  • Excel + Office - It may not sound very exciting but a lot of roles in the music industry will involve data, certainly in marketing. There are a load of free courses you can do to upskill in Microsoft Office - from creating decks in PowerPoint to collating data in Excel.

  • Adobe Creative Suite - This suite gives you the opportunity to learn how to edit videos through Premiere Pro, photos in Photoshop, and lots more. These software are the industry standard, and if you are a student, it can be very affordable with their student offers.

BONUS POINT: Skills at Canva will allow you to grow your branding and content creation skills while developing an eye for principles of design like composition. Not as detailed as Photoshop but much easier to learn, the base Canva is free for you to try out.

What next?

Learning these software to a competent level will improve your job search drastically, each software will have a dedicated tutorial section to teach you the ropes, as well as plenty of courses online, some even with certifications, which show you have the drive to learn and are adept with the platforms.

Even without a certification, a short piece on your CV stating how long you have worked with the platform will go a long way. For an example of how to show this, check out our Music Industry CV Template

After becoming confident with the platforms, begin to craft a portfolio of your work to back up your CV, for software like photoshop this can be extremely relevant.

If you are looking for more industry tips, or need help building a portfolio, visit our music hub for helpful resources, like our monthly newsletter and our TikTok page!