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A-Z of 2023 HR Buzzwords

  • Publish Date: Posted 7 months ago
  • Author: Handle Recruitment

It feels like a new buzzword in HR finds its way into our emails every week.

​But what value can we take from these terms, and what buzzwords are here to stay?

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Not sure what any of these buzzwords mean? Check out our descriptions below:

Anti Perks

Anti-perks are perks that may not actually be very beneficial to your working life.

Bare Minimum Monday

This is the idea of starting your week doing the minimum of what is required of you.

Lazy Girl Jobs

A term that describes well-paid, non-technical, flexible roles that don't make the employee feel overworked or stressed.


Brought into fashion by celebrities like Kris Jenner, the definition has been adapted to describe managers who feel deeply responsible for their employees’ mental well-being as well as their output.

Proximity Bias

The favouritism and increased opportunities offered to employees who are located in the same office or sit closer to senior members of the organisation.

Productivity Theatre

Focusing on appearing busy instead of outcomes.

Quiet Ambition

A term that challenges the traditional view of ambition and describes individuals that focus on what truly matters to them and doing a great job in the background.

Quiet Quitting

Doing the minimum to keep your job but nothing more.


The trend of employees sharing their resignation on TikTok and even recording their final interactions with their boss.

Tech Shame

How employees feel when they struggle to use basic office tools like printers, and desk phones, or video platforms like Zoom or Teams.

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