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How I adjusted to Hybrid Working

  • Publish Date: Posted 5 months ago
  • Author: Leon Preece
How I adjusted to hybrid working

As someone who is in their first role as a hybrid worker, naturally it came with some adjustment for me, as well as everyone else. If you are in a similar position and looking for some support, this was my experience!

Communication is key

Before starting my first hybrid role, I was concerned about the first few days of working from home, and the lack of in-person time I would be getting so early on in my role. So how can you avoid this feeling?

Ask your managers or HR team how your days working from home will be structured, and how often you have meetings with your team. This can alleviate feelings of isolation and can also lead to further conversations about what you would need while working from home.

In regards to communication, be sure you do it in the office too. This is where deeper relationships are formed as you get settled within the business. You may be in the office less than at home so be sure to grab a coffee with a friend or co-worker, and try and get business-critical conversations done in person... but don't delay conversations until you see someone face-to-face!

I also found it easier to talk about my home set-up and share any possible obstacles. Rather than try to hide things that you are worried might reduce your productivity, if you feel comfortable, share a clearer picture of what you are concerned about with your manager and create a proactive plan.

Create your own space

When I first started working from home, I managed to rework a spare room into an office. I appreciate that having a spare room is a luxury but if it's a desk in the corner of your living room, a seat at the dining table or something more creative, create a work space that works for you. A chair that supports you and your physical health is a must.

For creating a working space on a budget, City used office furniture is a website that specialises in selling used office furniture and PC Mag has a great article on small things to take your home space to the next level.

Focus on your own mental health

You might thrive in the silence of working from home, or you might struggle without the background noise of an office. The most important thing is to focus on what works for you. Chat to other recent starter and ask your HR team about any programmes offered for employee well-being and how they can be incorporated into your daily schedule.

It is also very easy to focus on communication over Teams messages and emails which can make you feel isolated and lonely. Try to book in calls or jump on a video call but if you do feel isolated while working, use sites like to help find you a mental health professional or in more serious cases, call a hotline, lots of which can be found on

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