Emma Dadswell

Business Operations Director

  1. emma.dadswell@handle.co.uk
  2. 020 7569 9944
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After spending 5 years recruiting across all our divisions at Handle Recruitment, my focus is now Business Operations and Client Development.

Specialties: Recruitment, recruitment legislation and compliance, operational projects and implementation, tender documentation and presentations, training and development, process development, human resources, social media

Have you received an unexpected WhatsApp message from someone pretending to be me?

If you have, please don’t reply! There is a widely known employment scam that involves a scammer impersonating a recruiter and luring victims in with promises of work that do not exist. They typically begin by asking for your personal details and might ask for you to pay a fee or make a payment.

If you've already shared any personal information with a potential scammer, you shouldreport the scam to Action Fraud.

Emma Dadswell