Online timesheets for handle temps

online timesheets for handle temps

I have not received my login details and can’t create a timesheet, help?

Login details including username and passwords are emailed within 5 days of a placement starting. Please contact the payroll team if you are still awaiting these details after 5 days.

My timesheet has been rejected, why has this happened?

There are two main reasons for timesheet rejection.

  1. It’s most likely that is a timesheet timed out which means that a manager assigned to authorise the timesheet has not done it on time. Your timesheet will be returned to your draft folder and you can resubmit your timesheet. 

  2. Or the client does not agree to the number of days/hours worked - your timesheet will be returned to your draft folder usually with a comment from the client explaining why it has been rejected. You will need to make the appropriate amendments before you can resubmit.

Please contact your consultant if you dispute the reason for your timesheet being rejected.

What do I enter for `unit` and what does it mean?

If you are being paid on a daily or weekly basis you will need to enter the number of units worked per week i.e. 1 unit will account for one full day or one full week and 0.5 unit will account for a half day or a half week worked. A non-working day should be left blank.

How do I enter my hours and minutes worked?

InTime uses a 24-hour clock terminology – e.g. half past six will be entered as 18:30. Once submitted hours are rounded down to the nearest 15 minutes.

I have mistakenly entered wrong information onto InTime system, how can I change this?

Start by asking your Manager to reject your timesheet. If they have already done your timesheet will be waiting in your draft for you to correct.

If they have already approved your timesheet please contact the Payroll team who will advise you.

My authorising manager is no longer in charge of my timesheets, what shall I do about this?

Please contact your consultant at Handle with the name and email address of the correct manager so that your placement details can be updated before you submit your timesheet.

My booking has been extended from the original end date, how can I carry on submittingtimesheets?

Every extension will be added onto InTime so you can carry on submitting your timesheets as usual.

I have logged into InTime but there is no active placement on there and I am unable to submit atimesheet?

This is most likely an error with placement dates, in which case you should get in contact with your consultant at Handle to confirm the Start and End dates.

What happens to submission of timesheets if I am on holiday?
You will not need to enter on InTime the timesheet information for the days or hours when you do not work and are on annual leave. Please leave the field relating to these dates blank.

Please remember to send an email to the payroll team for the dates of your annual leave if you wish to use your accrued holiday balance and receive payment for these dates.

if you need anything else please get in touch