Timesheets, expenses and payment

Handle uses an online timesheet system called InTime - allowing you to submit electronic timesheets for approval and view your payslips online.

Login details including usernames and passwords will be emailed to you within 5 days of your placement commencing.

Please note - if you do not submit a timesheet correctly it will delay your pay.

Timesheets, expenses and payment
  • The deadline for weekly timesheets is 9.00am Monday morning following the week worked.

  • You need to submit a timesheet via InTime for each assignment i.e. if you have two separate assignments in one period you need to complete two separate timesheets – one for each placement reference on InTime

  • A week commences on Monday and ends on the following Sunday.

  • Timesheets must be authorised by your timesheet approver.

  • Unauthorised timesheets will not be processed.

  • Hours are rounded down to the nearest 15 minutes.

  • Weekly timesheets not received by 9.00am Monday will not be processed until the following week’s payroll.

  • Pay slips are available to view online on InTime using your same login details.

  • Where applicable, invoices for self-employed workers and those working through a limited company must be submitted by the same appropriate timesheet deadlines and must support the hours/rates shown on that timesheet.

  • Invoices must be addressed to Handle Recruitment Ltd and VAT will only be paid if we hold a copy of your VAT registration certificate.

  • For all questions regarding InTime and online timesheets please see our website

  • When claiming for allowable expenses you need to create and submit an Expenses Claim form on InTime – deadlines are the same as for your timesheet.

  • Where applicable expenses must also be included in the invoice.

  • Supporting receipts must be submitted.


You are paid weekly – you are paid a week in arrears and payment is made on the Friday following the week worked and paid by BACS transfer directly into your bank account.

if you need anything else please get in touch