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Programming Diversity into the Tech Industry

  • Start Date: Thursday, 14 June 2018
  • Start Time: 18:30
Location: Kobalt 1 Cousin Lane London EC4R 3TE

Tackling inequality and underrepresentation in tech is a constant challenge facing the industry today, and something tech businesses of all shapes and sizes have at the top of their agenda. Handle Recruitment and Kobalt Music are pleased to be hosting a meet-up in which a varied panel of experts will discuss their own experiences and expertise from varying perspectives.

  • How have organisations tackled creating a welcoming culture & a genuine sense of belonging?
  • What challenges have they faced building diversity programs and gaining buy-in from the business?
  • How can start-ups drive forward a truly diverse culture from the get-go - and is it possible to translate these progressive ways of working within more mature business structures?  

 As we struggle to find the next generation of tech workers, we need to find ways to attract and retain people from all backgrounds to work in the industry. But are we putting in place strategies to actively seeking out diverse talent? And if so is our organisation culturally diversity-ready?


Cynthia Davis

A multi award winning CEO and founder of BAME Recruitment. Cynthia and her team provide a recruitment and consultancy service to the c-suite on strategies that truly embed the definitions of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion throughout an organisation. They believe in challenging the status quo to provide fairer employment and hiring processes that are representative and inclusive, reflecting the diverse population of the UK

They advise on ways to implementation tactical highly effective diverse candidate attraction and retention strategies.

Katrina Bowles

On ‘joining the (engineering) club’ as a woman - Kat Bowles, Director of People and Talent at OpenSignal and Business Psychologist

Hear findings from Kat’s recent academic research (soon to be published) on how women in software engineering identify with their careers and experience ‘fitting in’, in a male-dominated industry. Also hear some tips on improving the inclusivity of the industry, part research-driven, part experience driven (from working in the tech industry for the past six years).

Dawn James

A Technical Architect in the music industry, Dawn set up and chairs Kobalt’s Diversity committee to raise diversity awareness and develop Kobalt’s inclusivity agenda.

Cat Navarro

Having spent the first ten years of her career leading large-scale business transformations, Cat moved to the UK and began leading People and Operations teams for early-stage businesses. She has achieved aggressive growth for a number of UK startups, largely due to her strong belief that operational excellence can only be achieved by creating a high-performing culture. Cat takes a very no-nonsense approach when it comes to diversity and inclusion, believing the key to success lies in having a strong, emotionally intelligent, leadership team.

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