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Will Mary Portas save the high street?

  • Publish Date: Posted almost 12 years ago
  • Author: Emma Dadswell


TV retail guru Mary Portas is to carry out a Government backed review aimed at halting the decline of the High Street in England.

The retail TV star, dubbed the ‘Queen of shops’ has been called in to tackle the problem of the UK’s failing high streets. And with the recent news that, among others, Mothercare will be closing nearly a third of its high street shops, the retail world is understandably anxious to hear what solutions she may have.  Mothercare has blamed exorbitant rents for driving retailers off the high street and are subsequently closing 110 stores out of its 373, which will leave 250 workers back on the job market.

Mothercare is not the only household name facing closures, electrical retailers Comet and Dixons, have also unveiled plans to close 10 and 150 stores retrospectively – further adding to the jobless total.

Straight talking and no nonsense Mary ‘Queen of Shops’ will examine the case for developing town centres that not only contribute to promoting economic growth, but also create jobs and improve the  quality of life in local areas. Her findings will be presented to deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg in the autumn. We’ve got our fingers crossed that this will kick start growth and create jobs in this sector.

The number of empty shops we see every day is depressingly sad, so recommendations to encourage growth and help independent retailers, a key emphasis of the review, is also welcome news.  Hopefully Portas will be able to work her magic and come up with some feasible ideas that create jobs and drive people back to the high street – we certainly hope so!

So, over to you. Do you think it’s just another celebrity jumping on the government aide band wagon? Or do you think that Mary Portas will actually be able to make a real impact? Let us know what you think. And if you’re in the fashion and retail sector, check out our latest vacancies here.