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App to movie: The new media franchise lifecycle?

  • Publish Date: Posted over 10 years ago
  • Author: Emma Dadswell

New reports suggest that the iconic Angry Birds app is due to be adapted for the silver screen, with the release date tipped to be in 2016. Publisher Revio’s bold step towards Hollywood is unprecedented within the mobile gaming industry, but will this move spark a revolution in the media franchise lifecycle?

The rapid rise of the app means it is hard to believe that we had no concept of mobile applications until 2008, and it’s no secret that Angry Birds has enjoyed phenomenal success in the market since its launch in 2009. In 2012 Angry Birds Space topped the iPhone app chart and two further games in the series – Angry Birds and Angry Birds Star Wars – featured in the top ten. But despite the popularity of these downloads, volume does not automatically translate into revenue.

Rovio’s decision to capitalise on the success of its flagship brand by projecting it onto the big screen is revolutionary. Gone are the days when movie blockbusters were based on comic strips and classic novels. Now consumers want to see the characters they engage with via mobile brought to life. To respond to this, app marketers and business development teams are taking their cue from iconic platform games - such as Super Mario Bros. and the Prince of Persia - which have successfully elevated their brands by branching out into movies, memorabilia and merchandise.

Here at Handle Recruitment we understand that no media is self-sufficient, and in the digital age it is more important than ever to break boundaries in the name of commerciality. Professionals in the home entertainment, digital and marketing arenas have historically worked together to create brands that are appealing, profitable and sustainable. And this shift in direction for the mobile application market is a natural progression for any maturing medium.

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