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Recruiting with the light on

  • Publish Date: Posted almost 8 years ago

Despite various economic pundits warning of a double dip, we are finding a slow but steady return to the ‘war for talent’ in all or specialist areas. What’s interesting though is that many employers seem to have forgotten that they are selling as well as buying. Despite the proliferation of press coverage about employer branding and how important it is, many employers expect consultancies to recruit in the dark!

For the best chance of success, it’s important for them to have as much information as possible so that they can really sell the benefits of working for your organisation. So spell out the attractiveness of your company in key areas such as: success factors and achievements of the company; future growth prospects; career development paths, promotion opportunities and training; social events, teambuilding and investment in people.

Additionally, be prepared to discuss the following:

•Why you joined the company – and why you like working there. Run through your own career progression and why other people like working there.

•Talk about recent success stories – if the last incumbent has been promoted for example.

•Show the consultant around the office – introduce them to a couple of members of the team.

•Be honest – you need to sell the opportunity to meet expectations – but give a genuine picture.

Make sure that you find out what is motivating your interviewees by discussing their backgrounds thoroughly with your recruitment consultancy before the interview – this information can be used to press their “hot” buttons when it comes to selling the opportunity.

So go on – switch that light on!