Handling Diversity

We pride ourselves on attracting the best talent for our clients through a commitment to equality, diversity and inclusion.

This is not only an ethical obligation to reflect the society we serve, but it also allows us to access the widest pool of talent. Our consultants and resourcers are fully trained in all aspects of Equality, Diversity, Inclusion & Unconscious bias and will:

  • Consult with clients on their expectations for searches and will advise clients who are requesting searches which may be disadvantageous and/or discriminatory.
  • Work closely with clients to help them action plan to improve diversity through the recruitment process.
  • Monitor diversity data of all registered applicants and re-focus search methods regularly to reach pools of under-represented group. 
  • Challenge clients on selection criteria to open up the shortlist to a more diverse pool. 

Introducing Creative Breakthrough

As the creative sectors boom at twice the rate of the economy, it’s disappointing that resolving diversity and inclusion within the industry is still such a work in progress. We launched Creative Breakthrough to support exceptional people of BAME (Black, Asian or Minority Ethnic) heritage working within the creative industries. 

Less formal than coaching, mentoring is a sharing of knowledge and experience over a series of meetings. The aim – to build confidence and drive career progression.

During the 12 month period, all mentees and mentors are invited to regular networking events and self-development workshops to enhance the collaborative learning opportunities.

If you are of BAME heritage and looking to become a mentor or mentee or simply interested in discussing how you could support our Creative Breakthrough programme you can find out more at