Handle’s walking the walk on diversity  

We are delighted to assist our clients in searching from a more diverse candidate pool.  We actively seek out a diverse group of employees to work here at Handle - and our own statistics are great.   

We pride ourselves on attracting the best talent for our clients which we believe can only be done through a commitment to equality, diversity and inclusion.  This is not only an ethical obligation to reflect the society we serve today, but it also allows us to access the widest pool of talent.

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Our 'Diverse Search' Service - for clients who are truly committed to diversity 

Senior level: clients frequently desire candidates with specific, relevant experience, already operating at a senior level.  Undoubtedly, a diverse shortlist is more challenging at this level.

We have an honest, open relationship with our clients and we take the time to understand their requirements.  There needs to be a recognition that an investment in time really can make a difference. Clients who are truly invested in their commitment to Diversity engage us to provide a 'Diverse Search' service.  Rather than tickling the surface of the same old candidate pool when under pressure to provide a shortlist in 48 hours, this retained service allows us the necessary time to do a deep dive into the market, use our referral networks, tap into communities and advertise through non-traditional routes to deliver a potentially richer shortlist.  

We are using a number of strategies to build up a database of senior management individuals from diverse backgrounds.  We would hope to work with clients to identify areas of compromise and acceptable skills/experience deficits to enable a more diverse shortlist to be deemed acceptable.

Creative Breakthrough Mentoring Programme 

A unique Mentoring Programme to help nurture the next generation of female leaders and improve diversity within creative industries. Click here for more information

Helping to break the career ceiling with Handle Coaching

Handle Coaching supports executives within the creative industries to reach their full potential.  Some individuals (perhaps women or individuals without role models within their own family/network) often find themselves bumping against a career ceiling.  So it’s great that Handle clients recognise the support that coaching can bring to these individuals.

Handle Coaching delivered by GIll Bell, who has 20+ years experience of working with the creative industries, will accelerate the learning curve of newly promoted senior managers, maternity retrurners , or newly appointed individuals - helping them gain confidence and achieve full executive ability.

Helping young disadvantaged people to enter creative industries

Young people should never be held back by their background and many Handle consultants are working with The Amy Winehouse Foundation and Bauer Academy's Making Creativity Work programme to deliver ‘Employability Workshop Master Classes’.  

Junior level:  we are connected with a number of communities, resources and organisations to reach entry-level candidates from underrepresented groups.  We sponsor charitable organisations and promote the Handle brand in communities less likely to be applying directly for roles. 

Our ongoing commitment to Diversity

We are constantly evolving our search practices to reach an ever-wider pool.   We ensure all adverts are written in a way not to discourage any groups of candidates from applying and we continually try out alternative methods of candidate attraction.  All Handle consultants and resourcers are fully trained in all aspects of Equality, Diversity, Inclusion & Unconscious bias and will:

  1. Consult with clients on their expectations for searches and will advise clients who are requesting searches which may be disadvantageous and/or discriminatory.
  2. Work closely with clients to help them action plan to improve diversity through the recruitment process.
  3. Monitor diversity data of all registered applicants and re-focus search methods regularly to reach pools of under-represented group. 
  4. Challenge clients on selection criteria to open up the shortlist to a more diverse pool. 

Gender Pay Gap Report 2017Gender Pay Gap Report 2018  Diversity Statement 


Contact our Diversity expert

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