Career Coaching and Readiness

Are you in the unfortunate position of having to let your staff go?

A job search often happens by choice, but sometimes, there is no choice. When we’re placed in this position suddenly, by unpredictable circumstances, few people are in any way prepared.
However, Handle Recruitment Consultants are ready and able to offer complimentary outplacement support to those facing redundancy, by providing practical specialist career coaching support.
Career Coaching and Readiness - handle recruitment
the sessions unpacked - career coaching and readiness

Who’s this programme for?

This will enable an individual to navigate the competitive job market and move into appropriate new employment, as soon as it becomes possible.

We welcome our client organisations to use this service to enable their HR teams to focus their energies on business operations at this critical time, whilst still offering the care and guidance desperately needed by departing employees.

If you are a HR or People professional and would like to discuss our complimentary outplacement support please get in touch and lets talk!

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If you have recently been made redundant and would like to discuss how you can be supported on a one-to-one basis please send your details to